Device of siphon loop waterpower wins patent

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According to introducing, device of siphon loop waterpower carries out means specificly, it is to use join of bucket of 3 useless old benzine to rise regard cistern as the part intermediate, make become an upper cistern, the one end that uses conduit next receives cistern coping, another end receives circular cistern, form a siphon so. Be in place of cone of upper cistern lower end, install alternator of box of a report, receive the water that passes a dynamo into the pond, fill water tank of high water level water first, eduction air, open dynamo of drive of conduit brake a powerful person to generate electricity next, can generate electricity continuously. And the water in the pond, because generate electricity in electric machinery,the loop in the process flows, cause oxygen enough, can raise fish.

Spark the earliest the origin that Mr He ponders over siphon to return a principle is very interesting, it is he puts an ox to see the ox drinks water at the same time at the same time piddle, this edified his original conception. Study through iteration of 36 years later, for many times experiment, invented device of siphon loop waterpower finally. Mr He says: "Boiler circulation sends electric equipment to use n according to the user, but can small, do not accept resource restriction. Should circulate only water is even, voltage is met smooth. " Mr He says, such generating electricity device does not need to repair road wiring, dimensions also but can small, and very environmental protection condition. Current, this one patent has gotten use in a few villages and towns that drive remote town.