The fractional energy savings that fan leaves in different frequency

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Fan is the mechanical equipment of deferent gas, it is a kind of machinery of the mechanical energy that is the axial power change of electromotor the fluid. . Be informed from hydromechanical principle, fan wind force and power of electric machinery rotate speed are relevant: The wind force of fan and fan (electric machinery) rotate speed becomes direct ratio, the leeway of fan and fan (electric machinery) the square of rotate speed becomes direct ratio, the axial power of fan is equal to wind force and leeway, the axial power of reason fan and fan (electric machinery) 2 Fang Chengzheng of rotate speed compare (namely 2 Fang Chengzheng of the axial power of fan water pump and power supply frequency compare) :
Report of section of % of power of axis of % of wind force of N of frequency F(Hz) mechanical rotate speed leads % remarks
100 % of 50 100 % 0 % of 100 %
90 % of 45 90 % 27.1 % of 72.9 %
80 % of 40 80 % 48.8 % of 51.2 %
70 % of 35 70 % 65.7 % of 34.3 %
60 % of 30 60 % 78.4 % of 21.6 %
50 % of 25 50 % 87.5 % of 12.5 %

Calculate according to afore-mentioned principles the rotate speed of knowable change fan is changeable the power of fan.
In expensive unit in transforming, former fan is changeless, electric machinery power is changeless, that is to say bright the wind force that this fan produces is changeless, the OK and very good settlement after applying transducer so wastes the sources of energy, match the requirement of operating mode
For example: Fall power supply frequency by 50Hz for 35Hz, the rotate speed of fan is reduced for original 70 % , wind force is reduced for original 70 % , criterion axial power is reduced for original 34.3 % , section report rate is as high as 65 % , eliminate mechanical wear and power element reach the other factor such as efficiency, section report rate should achieve 40 % (according to spot experience estimation) .
And apply go up after transducer, to mechanical equipment wear away to be reduced greatly, OK and very good protection equipment, reduce equipment upkeep costs, extend the use fixed number of year of equipment. A variety of perfect moving monitoring that transducer interior has protect a function, can better assurance electric machinery works below permission operating mode, avoided very well to happen of all kinds the happening of the of all kinds accident that causes because of electric machinery and reason of electrified wire netting, assured to produce safety. In the meantime, accomplished the 0 concussion to electrified wire netting truly, can better use resource of electrified wire netting, increase the utilization rate of electrified wire netting.