The breakdown with freezer common electric machinery and reason

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The breakdown with common electric machinery

1. Winding of electric accident travel circles a short circuit. At this moment electric function reluctance is started move, but noise is compared apparently big before, moving electric current is 1 times bigger than normal value above, the block value that measures moving winding with avometer is less than normal value.

Wiring of 2. electromotor winding or down-lead disconnect, column of 3 wiring inside electromotor down-lead and compressor carapace falls off and cause electromotor to open circuit. Overhaul this kind of breakdown, when power source voltage is normal, after freezer receives electrify source, compressor does not move, usable avometer is measured the winding that start and moving winding, its block is worth infinity, explain electromotor has open circuit place.

3. The electric machinery winding that start circles a short circuit. At this moment function starts report to move normally artificially, but after using the relay that start, cannot start.

4. Electric machinery starts winding and moving winding short circuit. Use avometer examination at this moment, the block cost that be started and runs winding is reduced apparently than normal value. The phenomenon is in power source voltage, the circumstance with the control normal circuit such as the relay that start, the relay that start is successive overload, heat protects contact start aside, and it is normal to change a compressor.

5. Public lead and housing photograph touch column of electric machinery wiring. Electric function is started and move at this moment, but in freezer ground connection good circumstance temporary lodging during a trip is in leakage of electricity. Insert power source outlet instead when processing can. To prevent to get an electric shock, answer to change power source electrical outlet socket.

   Electric machinery produces breakdown account

1. because the breakdown of refrigeration system, make movement of electric pilot time ceaseless, temperature rise is exorbitant, enamel-insulated wire ageing and burn down.

2. Electric machinery often has been in press or owe the case that press to next starting and move.

3. Crankshaft oil absorption not free, cause electric machinery to hold an axis in the arms, card crock is long undetected, make burn down of electric machinery winding.

4. Change frost not seasonable, make the bear of freezer aggravating, cause electric machinery to damage prematurely.

5. A little while power cut, a little while incoming telegram, cause freezer to be started often, affected electric machinery life.

6. Fill methanol is filled in repairing, cause electric machinery to damage prematurely.

7. Quality of electric machinery itself closes nevertheless, winding place uses enamel-insulated wire is not to be able to bear or endure the high strenth enamel-insulated wire of fluorine
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