Hydraulic turbine applies at the advantage of cooling tower

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Hydraulic turbine applies at cooling tower is to transform it may not be a bad idea no matter, make a new tower it may not be a bad idea, the advantage depends on:

1, the aircraft capacity transition of noise urine turbine completes inside water flow path: Control rapids brace up the noise that Reynolds number makes hydraulic turbine won't produce interference. Because this is become when guest room of cooling tower space and working place are close, will make its environment wins clear improvement.

2, energy-saving the moving power consumption that this tower uses hydraulic turbine to replaced wind leaf electric machinery to save wind leaf electric machinery completely, and the burden that did not increase circular water pump, for the user managing the charge of electricity of a huge sum.

3, the axis outputs efficient hydraulic turbine directly wind leaf, do not need repass other reducer to wait, and as the change of discharge wind force changes accordingly, stabilize the air-water with be in better to compare from beginning to end, ensure refrigeration effect.

4, structure of service life long hydraulic turbine is simple, the technology is mature and feasible, design life is 15 years of above.

The alloy wear-resisting material that the material that place of 4.1 core component chooses corrodes to fight. Of rotational part enclose for tool set treatment shapes, the water that makes rotational part and room of hydraulic turbine water medium, completely complete segregation leaves absolutely. Below the safeguard of afore-mentioned technical conditions, hydraulic turbine can accomplish the long-term movement of maintenance-free, refrigerative tower can not have breakdown move, can think use unit is economic and many every year safeguard and change the charge of the electric machinery of cooling tower and reducer and manpower.

Place of 4.2 systems breakdown is little, replace electric machinery, reducer and transmission share with a hydraulic turbine, electric machinery, reducer in cooling tower this is planted in temperature and humidity huge environment, burn down of easy short circuit, high temperature is corroded, leakage of electricity, decelerate machine skids, wear away, need to be safeguarded regularly. And cooling tower is located the position is high, maintenance working face is little, give again safeguard bring very big trouble. Classics the construction of system after transforming becomes simple, breakdown nature is little.

43 thousand one occurrence breakdown, maintenance is very simple also, change a few standard component can (the standardization of this product already was as high as 80% above) , whole changes to also need 3 hours only. The maintenance that compares electric machinery, reducer wants dispense with a lot of troubles and time.

5, safe. Cooling tower electric machinery has leakage of electricity to injure a person, what scintilla explodes is potential and dangerous, hydraulic turbine need not report, can use below tall danger environment, and quality is light, altitude exercise is electric machinery of a condole, debus, reducer no longer and embarrassed, increased the moving environment security of cooling tower.
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