The principle of controller of synchronous dynamo faintness

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The ambiguous structure that achieves ambiguous controller shares 3 parts, include 2 inputs quantity, ambiguous controller and a sendout. The ambiguous controller structure that achieves principle of again synchronous and add discontinuous control should be comprised by 4 ambiguous systems, every system completes a phase of this principle. Among them if structure of the first ambiguous controller pursues 1. 3 of other similar, here differ one draw went out.

Inputting a quantity is to turn poor S and turn poor derivative DS, sendout is Oper1 of operation of the first control. Turn from what the dynamo gets the language variable value of poor S has 5: big (PB) , in the middle of (PM) , 0 (Z) , in losing (NM) , lose small (NB) , it is by region [- 0.01, 0.01] . Turn the language variable value of poor derivative DS has 3: big (PB) , 0 (Z) , lose small (NB) , it is by region [- 0.1, 0.1] . Sendout controls measure for what ambiguous controller gets, the operation that has namely. It has 3 languages variable to be worth: big (PB) , 0 (Z) , lose small (NB) , it is by region [- 1, 1] . Its are subject function is shown 1 times like the graph. Other ordinal analogize can get 3 ambiguous controller. Ambiguous controller controls regular, ambiguous inference by modular gelatinization interface, faintness, go blurring change interface 4 parts composition. Modular gelatinization interface is the subject function that reachs correspondence according to inputting imitate accurately to measure, those who will decide the language variable related to its is worth is subject degree. The form that ambiguous control regulation uses is: Be like A and B criterion C, namely if satisfy conditional A and B, carry out control C.

To realize add discontinuous control, ambiguous controller should blur by 4 child controller composition, every faintness child the phase of a process that controller completes add discontinuous control, 4 controller correspondence wears 4 to command stage, and the output of every controller is operated besides control outside, the effect that still has controller of last controller drive the next (only before 3 stature controller have this effect) . Reason of this 4 stature controller control

Regulation is not identical, thereby inferential process is not same also. To before 3 controller, should come true the following 3 functions: Control is operated (contented control condition) , not action (fall in groovy circumstance) reach arouse next ambiguous controller (should resent sufficient when the condition above) . And before the 4th ambiguous controller needs to finish only 2 functions. To the condition that controller operates, from the back 3 ambiguous controller not only should be in accord with the ability below ambiguous inference condition to operate, still must be advanced one ambiguous pilot arouses condition to be true when the operation that just can carry out this controller, two conditions are short of one cannot [7, 8] .

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