Refrigerate invite public bidding of equipment of bag, deepfreeze

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Project specification
  • Project name: Refrigerate invite public bidding of equipment of bag, deepfreeze
  • Number of invite public bidding: JXGP2008-024
  • What belong to an industry: Chemical industry - > refrigeration equipment
  • Date of invite public bidding: 2008-10-9
  • Project area: Jiangxi Nanchang
Invite public bidding announcement content
  • Item of invite public bidding is main equipment: Refrigerate equipment of bag, deepfreeze
  • Content of invite public bidding:

    The plan that omits sanction of orgnaization of governmental procurement control according to Jiangxi (2007 concentration 56) , [money of another name for Jiangxi Province is bought do (2008) 80] , undertake publicity invite public bidding to refrigerating equipment of bag, deepfreeze, the supplier that welcomes qualification attends bid.

    Number of 1. invite public bidding: JXGP2008-024

    Project of 2. invite public bidding: Refrigerate equipment of bag, deepfreeze. (Detailed sees document of invite public bidding)

    The qualification of 3. supplier asks:

    3.1 (1) the legal entity that must register for churchyard of People's Republic of China, have relevant scope of operations, its bid product manufacturer registers fund 500 thousand yuan of above (contain 500 thousand yuan) ; If the agent attends,bid, its agent registers fund 1 million yuan of above (contain 1 million yuan) .

    (2) the exclusive authorization that has manufacturer to be aimed at this project (original) .

    (3) manufacturer has ISO9001 international quality to manage systematic attestation certificate or ISO13485 attestation.

    4. supplier is buying the data that must submit when file of invite public bidding:

    Tax of carbon of business charter of card of code of 4.1 legal entity, company, state, land tax registers card carbon; (Xerox, build unit official seal)

    4.2. unit recommendation. (Original)

    5, buy mark book time: In September 2008 10-26 day, in the morning 8:30-12:00 afternoon 2:30-5:30 (holiday except) .

    Price of file of invite public bidding: Every cover 200 yuan, out-of-pocket expense. Carry out hind is not retreated.
    Bid end time: On October 9, 2008 morning 9:30
    Time of open sealed tenders: On October 9, 2008 morning 9:30
    Every buys the supplier of mark book, to mark the book must be read carefully, the place that does not understand should enquire in time, if special situation cannot attend to bid this, be in please open sealed tenders before today written announcement center.

Win the bid announcement content

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