Table high speed is refrigerant the invite public bidding such as centrifugal

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Project specification
  • Project name: Table high speed is refrigerant the invite public bidding such as centrifugal
  • Number of invite public bidding: GDYZ08JY026HG045-G2
  • What belong to an industry: Chemical industry - > separate facility
  • Date of invite public bidding: 2008-10-8
  • Project area: Guangdong Guangzhou
Invite public bidding announcement content
  • Item of invite public bidding is main equipment: Table high speed is refrigerant centrifugal
  • Content of invite public bidding:

    “ purchases acting orgnaization ” to suffer “ to purchase the commission of person ” , with respect to Guangdong equipment of lab of biochemistry of province education unit purchases an item (entrust number: BYZ2008009-C006) undertake publicity invite public bidding, the domestic bidder that accepts qualification is referred sealed bid file. Concerned item is as follows:

    One. The content that purchases an item, utility and brief technology ask or purchase the property of the project:

    1, project content: Table high speed is refrigerant centrifugal

    Utility: The college is used

    2, the property that brief technology asks or purchases an item: Detailed sees user demand book

    Bidder should undertake bidding to all content, do not allow a content of mid to its cent to undertake bidding.

    3, amount: A batch

    2. Bidder qualification asks

    1.In the has independent and civil responsibility legal person that People's Republic of China registers or other organization, acquire lawful company industrial and commercial business charter, bidder registers fund not under the RMB 500 thousand yuan;

    2.If bidder is not manufacturer, must offer unit price 50 thousand yuan of above (contain 50 thousand yuan) or same manufacturer product amounts to 100 thousand yuan of above (contain 100 thousand yuan) the manufacturer of equipment or area agent the legal authorization book that issues pair of place to deliver equipment or acting card;

    3.Bidder must have relevant scope of operations;

    4.Inside before attending a government to purchase an activity two years, do not have in management activity violate a record badly;

    5.Bidder must offer this project user seat (Guangzhou) after service;

    6.The other condition that law, code sets.

    3. The time that gets document of invite public bidding, place, means reachs price of file of invite public bidding:

    1. Get the time of file of invite public bidding: Came on September 10, 2008 on October 7, 2008, daily in the morning 8: 30 ~ 12: 00, afternoon 14: 00 ~ 17: 00 when (holiday except) .
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