Dining room equipment purchases invite public bidding

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Project specification
  • Project name: Dining room equipment purchases invite public bidding
  • Number of invite public bidding: ESCG (Z) - [2008]H021 date
  • What belong to an industry: Food - > cooking is mechanical
  • Date of invite public bidding: 2008-10-8
  • Project area: Hubei favour applies autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of the Tujia nationality
Invite public bidding announcement content
  • Item of invite public bidding is main equipment: Caldron kitchen / evaporate meal car / potato peeler /
  • Content of invite public bidding:

    Suffer the commission of person of invite public bidding, plan to carry out a government to purchase to equipment of dining room of elementary school of yellow mud dike, press now favour the money that use town is collected plan [the requirement that make known to lower levels of 2008]01305 date plan cases, offer money firm certainly through making public means of invite public bidding, the welcome is registered in Chinese churchyard, the firm that has the capacity that offer money joins bid.
    1, number of file of invite public bidding: ESCG (Z) - [2008]H021 date
    2, goods name: Dining room equipment
    3, amount and norms model: Detailed sees goods demand
    4, time of file put on sale: On September 11, 2008
    5, time of open sealed tenders: On October 8, 2008 morning 9: 30
    Mark book hands over end time: On October 8, 2008 morning 9: 00 when before heart
    Price of file of invite public bidding: RMB 300 yuan (do not retreat after carry out) .
    Bid bail: One is rectified 10 thousand yuan (10 thousand yuan) , refer bail person of spot inspect mark to find with the means of cash or cash check please, the person that did not win the bid is returned that day, the person that win the bid will bid bail stocks nominated bank to turn to honor the agreement bail.
    Open an account bank: Favour Selenium of travel of the labour that impose a state a small local branch
    Account: 1817002429200015243


    Norms model reachs technical parameter


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