Invite public bidding of milling machine of common lathe, numerical control

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Project specification
  • Project name: Invite public bidding of milling machine of common lathe, numerical control
  • Number of invite public bidding: NHGP2008219G090, NHGP2008220G09
  • What belong to an industry: Machine tool - > numerical control machine tool
  • Date of invite public bidding: 2008-10-9
  • Project area: Guangdong Fosan
Invite public bidding announcement content
  • Item of invite public bidding is main equipment: Milling machine of common lathe, numerical control
  • Content of invite public bidding:

    My center purchases equipment of mechanical exercitation education, invite public bidding to purchase item of mechanical education equipment with respect to person of invite public bidding now (number: NHGP2008219G090, NHGP2008220G091) undertake means is purchased publicity invite public bidding, the bidder that welcomes to accord with a qualification attends bid.
    One, purchase content
    Cent wraps one: Common lathe 13
    Cent wraps 2: Numerical control milling machine 2
    2, admittance qualification
    1, the independent legal person that has independence to assume civil liability ability.
    2, the scope of operations that door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry allows.
    Note: Bidder can include to quote all right to part or entire component, but same cent bag does not get fractionation; This project does not accept combination to bid.
    3, get purchase a file
    Time: On September 10, 2008 - on October 6, 2008 (on Saturday, day except)
    In the morning 8: 30 - 12: 00 afternoon 2: 00 - 5: 30
    4, answer doubt is met
    Time: On September 19, 2008 afternoon 3: 00 (Beijing time)
    Before interrogative is met in evaluation please 15 days fill in “ purchases a file to answer doubt opinion expresses ” (see purchase announcement accessory) the fax reachs my center.
    Hand over purchase a file
    Time: On October 9, 2008 morning 9: 00 (Beijing time) end
    Time of open sealed tenders
    Time: On October 9, 2008 morning 9: 00 (Beijing time)
    Get purchase a file
    Carry the following data and U please dish (so that send,put electronic document) , extend via giving after my center examine and verify is eligible.
    1, original of carbon of legal person business charter and photocopy (build official seal)
    * gets the supplier that purchases a file to take equipment place to need certificate to deal with scanning to put on record to my center please formalities. Still be in certificate (year careful) the certificate that scans inside period of efficacy, do not need to offer the original of this certificate and photocopy again when the file that get.
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