Heat exchanges aircrew invite public bidding

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5, price of file of invite public bidding:
Every cover a RMB 200 yuan, carry out hind is not retreated. If need mail-order, add 50 yuan of RMBs additionally, to mailing the incur loss through delay in the process is mixed lose irresponsible.
6, bid the file hands over end time, place: On October 8, 2008 afternoon 14: 30 (Beijing time) , exceed the time limit is received or do not accord with a regulation bid file excuse me is not accepted.
7, congress of invite public bidding holds time: October 2008 8 days afternoon 14: ) of time of 30 (Beijing;
8, the inquiry that requires this pair of second invite public bidding and file of invite public bidding, contact before October 7, 2008 please. (the doubt of respect of technology of file of concerned invite public bidding asks the form with letter or fax to put forward) .

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