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Import 2960T of cleaning machine of high-pressured hot water

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Information theme: 2960T[of cleaning machine of hot water of import maximum pressure is supplied]
The price explains: 0
News type: Supply
Period of efficacy: A week releases time: 2008-9-12

Information content:
Actuating pressure (Bar) 30-200
Quantity giving water (L/h) 450-900
Temperature giving water (℃ ) 30-140
Derv box capacity (L) 17
Capacity of cleaning machine box (L) 10
Exterior (Mm) 1000×640×870
Weight (Kg) 150
Voltage (V) 380
Power (W) 7200
Oily bad news (L/h) 5
Mark matchs: Tube of 10 meters of high pressure, defend monitor of hot high pressure, stainless steel barrel (70cm) , 20 degrees of high pressure do not have rubiginous nozzle.
Characteristic: Cleaning machine of cold hot water of high pressure of high temperature of MISTRAL PROFY DS 2960T, it is collect high quality with hi-tech at an organic whole, use efficiency is tall, agile and handy, basically apply to factory of dock of machine of oil field, chemical industry, airport, railroad, electric power, tank, project, haven, container, farm, food clean, there is the best record that uses 8 years not to have overhaul in home.

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