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Light saggar

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Information theme: Combustion box [supply]
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Period of efficacy: 3 months release time: 2008-9-11

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Main use
Apply to decide below formulary condition whether does housing materials have combustibility.
Technical index
1, opening diameter of nozzle: ¢ 0.17mm
2, blaze height: 20±2mm
3, igniter times: 99.99 seconds of 0 ~ are installed arbitrarily (the standard uses 15s)
4, use gas: Purity is enraged in the propane of 95% above
5, sample size: Use brim ignition: 90mm×190mm
Use the surface to ignite: 90mm×230mm
Applicable standard
GB/T 8626-2007 " method of experiment of housing materials combustibility "

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