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Dc servo driver -- MLSS4805

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Information theme: ——MLSS4805[of dc servo driver is supplied]
The price explains: Tall sex price is compared
News type: Supply
Period of efficacy: Release time for a long time: 2008-9-12

Information content:
◇ applies to electric machinery of servo of dc of rotor of electric machinery of servo of drag cup dc, core, pitching moment electric machinery;
◇ DC12~48V, permanent current 5A, 10A of peak value electric current;
◇ undertakes through RS232 parameter is installed, visible on the computer debug;
◇ flows too, overload, press too, owe pressure, high low temperature, position error exceeds be restricted to protect;
Does ◇ position exceed be restricted to protect an error to be in 1 ~ 10000 (coder resolution) aleatoric set? ◇ control is simple: The pace controls interface two kinds into pulse + direction, PWM optional firstly;
◇ exceeds minor volume: 72x50x19mm;
Price of ◇ tall sex is compared.

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