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Position name: Hire urgently: Sale engineer applies for this post
Workplace: Beijing Zhengzhou
Pay pay: The face discusses issue date: 2008-2-1 11:50:22
Demand strength: Do not be restricted person period of validity: 60
Specific requirement: 1, record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning, the relevant and professional; such as electric equipment of technology of Electromechanical unifinication, numerical control, electric machinery, automata
2, Electromechanical of two years of above, electric and relevant product sells experience;
3, the office software such as adroitness use Word, Excel, certain written language organizes ability;
4, the job is serious and rigorous, active enterprising, of can meticulous patience finish seriously repeat trival working;
5, can bear actuating pressure, suit regular be away on official business, have high sense of responsibility, good group collaboration consciousness and innovation consciousness;
6, have intense competitive consciousness, be brave in to accept a challenge, have stronger communication ability;
The job is main duty:
1, the strategy that develops to region market according to the company, the area that finish sells an end
2, can independent undertake plan is made, negotiation of product type selecting, quote, business affairs, sign supply agreement
3, can assume market development to reach independently extend, exploit new project and new opportunity
4, maintain and maintain as good as the client collaboration relationship, form and maintain client faithfulness to spend
5, seasonable the opinion the client, complain feedback to give relevant department, so that undertake working improvement

The company does not accept a phone to seek advice without exception, ask applicant to send resume past company letter box, after classics company preliminary examine and verify, inform applicant attends interview.

Position name: Technician (electronic technology) apply for this post
Workplace: Zhengzhou
Pay pay: The face discusses issue date: 2008-2-1 11:50:41
Demand strength: 2 people period of validity: 60
Specific requirement: 1, record of formal schooling of above of university specialized subject, electronic technology is relevant and professional, make experience one year with go to work;
2, the design that understands electronic product, test and maintenance process;
3, familiar circuit solders reach disassemble, be familiar with the common device such as oscillograph, regulated power supply;
4, study start work capability is strong, the organization with have better is coordinated and communicate ability;
5, working style is dependable, rigorous, communicate harmonious ability strong, have group collaboration mind, outstanding study ability, have the enthusiasm that studies new technology and good working initiative, responsibility heart is strong, have stronger analytic issue and the capacity that solve a problem.
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