Wen Wen Dengao motor: high-end industries to accelerate technological innovati

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Recently, Wen Wen Dengao electric motor independently developed desktop polishing tool was awarded the "Shandong Industrial Design Excellence," the title. Desktop electric polishing tool is the focus of Owen Electric Co., Ltd. product, but also in recent years, the company invested in technology development efforts in one of the largest pillar products, lower energy consumption of the product, the prospects are very bright. As a company with 55 years history of the old motor manufacturers over the years, Owen Electric uphold the integrity, innovation, the people, the corporate philosophy of harmony through industrial restructuring, continuous restructuring and upgrading, so that enterprises have sprung up everywhere in the world in the same industry. Currently, electric polishing tool in the international high-end desktop market, Owen has been established in the motor design and manufacture the right to speak. Product innovation and improve core competitiveness "Strategic adjustment is the realization of 'switch mode, adjust the structure' of the key." During the interview, Owen, chairman of Yu Fei Motor Co., said, "With the rapid development of the motor industry, an increasingly competitive market, the motor industry to adopt low-cost competition and low profits, it has become inadequate, and General Motors puerile not meet the current business strategy gradual development. competition from low-effective transition to high value-added competition, and constantly develop to meet market demand, special motor, high efficiency motors and high added value of the product is Owen future development direction of the motor. " With development experience accumulated over the years, Owen Electric cater to market demand, from improving product structure, increase R & D difficulty, improve product quality start, abandon the traditional low-efficiency standards for motor common ideology of market competition will force major R & D and production into the field of high efficiency motors. Enterprises with foreign companies through technical cooperation and other forms of coordination and cooperation has with the United States, Canada and other companies to develop 18 kinds of specifications of the large industrial dust collector series, and independent research and development of the ATM machines, escalators motors, air conditioners and other motor special motor models to achieve a specific motor from General Electric to produce change, out of a different development path. Currently, Owen Electric Co., Ltd. has developed more than 100 specifications of high efficiency motors, the annual output of 20 million units, accounting for 50% of global sales, product margins up to 30%. Implementing the Strategy for restructuring and development Talent is the key to innovation, human resources to effectively promote the transformation of human capital, is to achieve the optimal allocation of human resources, human capital to maximize efficiency. "Behind closed doors, it is difficult to maintain the product continued leadership." The introduction of talents, have a clear understanding of Yu Fei, "We must break the routine, through the 'wisdom' by the 'potential', to achieve the transformation and upgrading of human resources strategy." January of this year, Owen has taken Wendeng motor, out of Shandong, chosen the high-end talent gathered, location advantage and significant market resources in Shanghai, to establish their own marketing and research and development center. The market and customer requirements, to take individual design, production and sales conversion and control of class-specific models of efficient motors and motor parts of the R & D center, since its inception, has attracted the Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute and other local research institutions in more than 40 portrait name to join high-end professionals, which greatly improved the text of the motor Austrian R & D capabilities. Successfully developed its own ultra-efficient servo motor, its running accuracy, high load, high efficiency, low inertia, low vibration, low noise, low power characteristics, is widely used in CNC machine tools, CNC machinery and equipment, the market prospects extremely broad. Recently, they self-developed water-cooled motor and cycloidal motor has passed the comprehensive test, to be put on the market. That used in aviation, aerospace, machinery, and other special areas of large tunnels dedicated motor, the company will become the new economic growth point. At the same time, Owen Electric headquarters every year more than 300 million out of special funds, payment of various types of insurance subsidies for workers, registered in the text to attract retain talented people working in the field. Through the formation of research teams, building design platform and the model library, Owen Electric already has with the world, the design and development capabilities with our own system. Strengthen the management ideas to enhance production efficiency In recent years, Owen pay more attention to the motor start production from the grass roots, pull the details of the reduction process, optimize production processes, management processes, implementation of lean production and vigorously strive to maximize the potential of every employee to develop it. Press Office in the enterprise to see the implementation of lean production, they plotted the chart for each production process, each process one by one identify the problems can easily arise, and to remind employees of targeted attention to every problem point. From the "total catch" to "for grasping", six months significantly improved product quality, worker productivity has improved significantly. At the same time, they also strengthen the quality control system from the start, and constantly improve the quality of the downstream components, manufacturing process and end-delivery inspection, to ensure safe and reliable motors for each factory. By phasing out of conventional lathe, the introduction of high degree of automation, high precision and speed of large CNC lathes and machining centers, improve production efficiency, product quality and quality standards. It is understood that, in 2009, the enterprise desktop by the installation of automatic power tools embedded line machine shop, the average daily increase in production capacity from 30 to 60, not only the product output doubled, quality has been improving steadily. Currently, the company developed a variety of new and efficient electrical products, has passed the European Union CE, UL U.S. quality and safety certification, so that enterprises have a passport to the international market, the electrical products to further enhance international competitiveness. 1-10 months of this year, corporate sales and profits reached 198.08 million yuan and 11.24 million yuan, compared with the same period last year to achieve a new leap.