China third quarter a record investment in wind power will be completed next

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Ernst & Young, December 30 release of "renewable energy country attractiveness index", China ranked first, the survey covered 30 countries worldwide. Ernst & Young in the report emphasized that, as China has clearly become the world leader in renewable energy, the new world order has taken shape on the field of clean energy. China's third quarter, on the wind power industry in its record spending, new wind power projects of the world for nearly half of total investment. Substantial investment to ensure that in 2010, the completion of every two typhoons there are about a motor located in China. Ernst & Young Greater China, climate change and sustainable development partners Tang Jiaxin, said: "China has put the case of wind power, careful planning can see the energy and industrial policies to promote clean technologies can be a high degree of national strategy. Chinese solar industry is also quickly became an important part of the global solar market. " Ernst & Young Managing Partner Greater China Cai Weirong clean technology, said: "Since the September board index ranking the first, China has widened the gap with other markets."