TMM plastic motor cycle is only 2,360 yuan Panasonic Washing Machine

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Next, I recommend a Panasonic for everyone loading washing machine XQB60-H640U, this washing machine is currently in Jingdong Mall promotional price of 2360 yuan, and interested friends can look! In appearance, this Panasonic XQB60-H640U washing machine uses plain white design, simple and generous. Washing with 6 kg capacity, easy to meet the user needs. In addition, this Panasonic pulsator washing Machine XQB60-H640U does not provide the display, but provides a digital display, for some users for some little inconvenience, but this offers a variety of washing machines washing user mode selection In addition to the top of this is opaque Panasonic laundry design, laundry observed inconvenience. Panasonic Washing Machine XQB60-H640U used by the Panasonic professional-style plastic electric TMM cycle, long-lasting durability, while a three-dimensional foam models and rubbing washing four waterfalls flow technology, laundry cleaner. Editor Comments: The Panasonic Washing Machine XQB60-H640U sleek atmosphere, while the laundry has a good performance, foam cleaning and waterfalls flow technology, more convenient for users to use, but also laundry cleaner In general, it is worth attention.