National electrified wire netting starts lash-up mechanism to answer Sichuan to

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On May 12 14 when 28 minutes, after Sichuan saves sudden earthquake, company of national electrified wire netting starts lash-up mechanism instantly, demonstrative Sichuan saves power company place to belong to each unit, assist various local government to find out shake affection, begin actively fight calamity work providing disaster relief. In the meantime, company leaders of all levels all is in drive for a short while go to various attemper command center, understanding electrified wire netting gets calamity case, rapid direct should work to the situation of a disaster. It is good that company of national electrified wire netting asks worker of stricken be hit by a natural adversity area is being done save oneself the job while, stand fast post, use up utmost, make sure safety of electrified wire netting moves.

Up to now, according to preliminary count, suffer effect of seismic the situation of a disaster, sichuan electrified wire netting reduces about 4 million kilowatt with electric bear. 500 kilovolt station halts use. 220 kilovolt transformer substation halts use 5. Chuanxide water and electricity of temple of area river oil, Jin Tang, treasure bead, luxuriant county group, power plant and the system such as Dazhou Dong Yue see a kind. At present Sichuan area still has aftershock, communication contact suffocate suffocate.

Shaanxi saves two 220KV advocate change halt use, 3 dynamoes halt use. The bear that use phone reduces about 1.5 million kilowatt.

Current, company of national electrified wire netting advocate the net moves smooth, loss negative charge is restoring stage by stage in. Company each unit is pressing coordinate urgent beforehand case, begin work of rush to deal with an emergency providing disaster relief with all one's strength.