Education of numerical control lathe, transparent fluid drive demonstrates syste

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This second bid bail is a RMB: 10 thousand yuan.
Account: 900101040013408
Open an account row: Subbranch of a bank of development of Agriculture Bank of stage state city

Take mark book notice: (1) supplier by " municipal government purchases a supplier to register card " , the receipt that buys mark book and U dish book of the mark that get; (2) without " municipal government purchases a supplier to register card " the supplier reachs a center first please website conduction net reports add of a famous player. Send relevant equipment careful material to the center. Have careful data content is: What make and print is fill on ① net " municipal government purchases supplier registration form " , ② business charter, (country, ground) photocopy of forms for reporting statistics of finance affairs of on card of the duty Wu card that register, ③ origanization construction code, ④ one year (all need to build unit official seal) , ⑤ company brief introduction; (3) already kept record in invite public bidding square supplier deals with formalities of the certificate that get in time please.

Win the bid announcement content

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